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Treatment of back pain

Always striving for better results

MereuClinics - Physiotherapy and Health, arises from the intention to meet the needs of the patient, through innovative techniques combined with classic physiotherapy tools such as massage or as ancient as acupuncture. The focus is on helping to recover lost functions, improve health and vitality, remembering that each patient is a person with emotions, a life, a past, and particular needs that need to be listened to and addressed in the best way we know, and there lies our entire work philosophy.

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Renato Mereu - Colegiado nº6571

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Renato Mereu

Clinic Coordinator

I graduated in Physiotherapy in 2006 from the University of Milan. I continued my education in various techniques and pursued personal development through Gestalt therapy at the School of Psychotherapy in Valencia. I delved into holistic techniques such as Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), studied Louise L. Hay's work on illness and psychosomatics, explored Bach flower remedies, practiced Mindfulness meditation, and learned techniques from ancient tribal populations at the Institute of Shamanic Studies. I continue to train in new physiotherapy techniques and stay informed about new developments in the field, always remembering that my patients are my greatest teachers.

In my daily work, I strive to give my best so that each patient finds the therapy that suits their needs, feels comfortable, and achieves the best outcome. I understand that we are not just bodies; we are also minds, souls, and hearts, and all aspects need healing.

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